There Should Be Riots

I caught a news blurb that got caught in the back of my brain. I kind of let it marinate there and went on about my business. My guess is that it would have died of loneliness, like most of my thoughts, but then it popped up again on CNN, and then The Daily Show. Once I saw it on The Daily Show, I knew it was legit.

As the story goes, the Donald was asked what his thoughts were about a brokered convention, should he not gather enough delegates to secure the nomination in the primaries. The Donald is quoted as saying, “There could be riots”, if the Republican party does not give him the nomination, even if he falls short of the votes needed. It is the Donald’s contention that since he is so far ahead of the other candidates that the nomination is his, even if he doesn’t have the required votes. In fact, the Donald’s supporters might be so disturbed at the lack of reverence shown to the Donald, that they may have to riot to show their displeasure. Really.

As being one who was able to do a fantasy in my head that involved a backroom deal between Trump and the Clintons to destroy the Republican party forever, I’m now reassessing my thoughts. In defense of my Trump-Clinton theory, let me point out that their daughters are BFF’s and the families do socialize. The Donald once was a Democrat and has espoused liberal views at times. It seemed a plausible theory, and as Kevin O’Leary has pointed out, it can’t hurt the Trump brand.

In my mind, the Republicans should have a candidate that said out loud what all of them are thinking. No more double speak, no more Newspeak, just come right out and call a spade a spade. Lose the “47%”, “welfare mother”, “welfare cadillac”, references to the minorities and go ahead and call all non-whites murders, rapists and welfare cheats. Much to my surprise, the Donald got the ball rolling by calling all of the Hispanic immigrants rapists and thugs and suggesting that Mexico should build a wall to protect us from their citizens.

In truth, I thought this was so over the top that the world would quickly see through the sham and the Trump-Clinton theory would be exposed early on. Imagine my surprise to find that the neo-Republicans had found a new savior. A savior who would say mean, hateful things at the top of his voice on a daily basis criticizing the people who were not “like us”. Blaming “them” for all of the world’s shortcomings.

In “Trump World”, the Donald doesn’t have time to be politically correct, he’s got deals to make. Besides, his followers shouldn’t be required to have to translate to get the message. After all, thinking is real hard, and considering all arguments before making a decision requires the intellect to navigate a two step process. It appears that there are not many intellectuals at Trump rallies. If so, they are standing off to the sidelines directing the Schutzstaffel in their next moves. I don’t think that all actions at a Trump rally are orchestrated. I suspect the old dude sucker punching the protester being led out by the police was totally knee-jerk. Old dude was 78, so he was running on half of his half wit.

I don’t think the same can be said for the other Trump supporters using violence to get their message across. I think Trump is calling for violence from the lectern, and the reference to “riots” is a threat to the hierarchy of the Republican party. Sadly, I also believe it is a call to the Trumpites to respond with violence to any slight they might feel.

This could get ugly folks. The Chicago riots in 1968 were college kids upset about segregation and the war in VietNam, among other things. The Cleveland riots of 2016 could be because some little rich kid didn’t get his way. And let me remind everyone, the Trumpites are armed to the teeth.

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