I’m Not A Weatherman, But….

BudLiteGood morning, y’all. Another fine day in the mountains, but the temps are starting to rise. There doesn’t appear to be any rain forecast for the coming week. I’ll have to double check that. I can probably look at the weather map for Houston and New Orleans and do a better job of predicting the weather than the Whiz O Meter at Channel 11.

I guess they have to justify the costs of all of their expensive equipment by actually using it.

It seems to me it would be easier for the folks at Channel 11 to just call a cousin in Birmingham and ask them to look out the window. Add three or four hours to Birmingham’s current conditions and you’ve got Atlanta’s forecast.

Look out the window in Atlanta and you’ve got the current conditions. There you have it, weather forecasting done on a budget.

Why can’t Channel 11 get it right with all of the expensive equipment they use?

So sad, so sad.

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