The Crystal Palace

A child prodigy, a gospel sensation, a redeemed libertine, and a beautiful Evangelical superstar all bring challenges and rewards in diverse ways. As the Elders work tirelessly to promote the message, they are challenged to keep the public’s focus on the ministry and not their own private lives. Fortunes are threatened when a Sunday service reveals far more than the congregation could have ever anticipated. Can the Elders keep the ministry above water and their secrets buried?

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  • The Crystal Palace begins where The Little Church in the Valley ends and serves up many of the same characters and a host of new comical situations. Author Ty Keenum knows the world of evangelism inside and out, and his insights translate into well-defined characters and an intriguing plot.
  • Seldom is a sequel better than the original, but in this case, Keenum managed the darn near impossible. Crystal Palace is the perfect follow up to Little Church in the valley.
  • A witty and intelligent look at the circus that organized religion all too often turns into; The Crystal Palace is somehow even better than Little Church in the Valley.
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