Lyin’ Ted

Walking through the living room this morning I caught an interesting story on the TV. All of the weekly shows were carrying it, so it must be true. It seems like the Enquirer has accused The Cruz with having at least five different affairs while married to current wife Heidi. I don’t have the time span of the alleged affairs, but they have to have occurred since 2001 to qualify as adultery. I’ll have to get a copy of The Enquirer and read up on the story. It’s supposed to be in this week’s version.

Anyway, I am not aghast that The Cruz would feel like his staff members were supposed to handle every job he handed them, not matter how odious. I am aghast that there were five members of the female sex willing to allow his advances, six if you count his wife. Honestly, if you put The Cruz on one pedestal and Jabba the Hut on another pedestal, I could see women flocking to Jabba as their first choice. There is something so slimy and smarmy about The Cruz that I can’t imagine that the more sensitive sex doesn’t pick up on it at first sight. I can only imagine that the five alleged trysts had a high dollar amount attached to them.  I’m not putting the women down for charging, it’s the right thing to do. After all, I don’t expect the fellow that cleans septic tanks to do it for free. Nobody is that charming.

Where the story has a bit of a twist is that the head honcho at the Enquirer is supposed to be an old buddy of the Donald. Would the Donald have a friend print a salacious story about an opponent to gain an advantage? Of course. So far I’ve not seen anything that the Donald wouldn’t do in his quest to call the White House, “Trump at 1600”. If there is any truth to the rumors, and only one of the alleged mistresses comes forward and admits the affair, it’s game over. There’s only so much extracurricular sexual activity that the Evangelicals will tolerate before switching their allegiances. Look at the Duggars, and they’re cute.

To be honest, I worry less about The Cruz’s frailties as a human than I do his belief that he is the anointed one from God. I knew he was a big Bible thumper, but when I heard his speech after the Iowa caucus stating that the polls weren’t going to determine who the next President was going to be, that God was, I started taking notice of his words more. It’s one thing for the Donald to say every mean, hateful xenophobic thing he can to gin up his base, it’s another to think that God is talking directly to you. The fact that Cruz’s dad is out on the Evangelical circuit preaching that his son is the “anointed one” and that the righteous are poised to take back the wealth of the country to give to the priests is past scary to me. It is almost a call to revolution. Honestly.

The Repubs are giving us an interesting choice. One candidate who thinks he’s God, and another who hears God’s voice. Now, I’d be the first one to say that what a father says does not necessarily correspond to what the son thinks. But if your Dad doesn’t espouse your values, you don’t get him to campaign for you. Give a listen to the clip below and see if it doesn’t give you a chill.

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