Two Idiots Get Along Better Than Five Idiots

While watching the down-sized version of the Republican debates, I was struck by the idea that two people that can’t adopt a wait and see attitude are Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. The Cuban Connection lit into The Donald tonight like he was a pinata at a birthday party.

It couldn’t have been more clear that Cruz and Rubio had decided to tag team Trump if they had been wearing matching wrestling togs. Nacho Libre and Nacho Malo, the Hispanics that are down on immigrants, tore into The Donald for hiring illegal workers. Cruz/Rubio didn’t stop at Hispanic illegals either, they reached back thirty five years to a time that Trump had hired Polish illegals for a job.

That’s the downside of being around for a long time, you’re going to have a history. I am completely surprised that the candidates haven’t been pouring over everything Trump and asking him the particulars during the debates. There’s plenty to look at. There’s at least four bankruptcies. John Q. Public does not look on bankruptcy favorably. We’ve all been taught by the lending institutions that declaring bankruptcy was a greased slide into hell. A special hell where our immortal souls will burn forever for having given our promise to pay, and then not paying. That’s just one side of the equation. The real brickbat to The Donald’s coiffure should be bringing up the hundreds of little mom and pop companies that had to take ten cents on a dollar, or less, from the bankrupt Trump. How cool would it be to dig up a few people that were shortchanged by Trump and use them in ads?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not out to get Trump, or to anoint one Cuban over the other one, I’m just enjoying a strategy against The Donald that he can’t turn back by insulting the attacker. The Donald did zing Rubio several times, but Nacho Libre held his ground. It was during one of those moments that I had an epiphany regarding Marco. Folks complain about that silly grin of his, kind of like a mule eating briars, and you figure there must be some internal reason that Marco’s grinning. Even when he’s flop sweating, stammering, gulping water, he comes back with that silly grin. I figured it out. He’s like a kid that performs regularly for family and friends. When he finishes, he is expecting widespread approval. He stands and grins like, “Now I’ve said my ABC’s, tell me what you think of me”. Like Chris Christie said, Rubio delivers his twenty second sound bite and expects the crowd to light up for him. Ah, if only the world worked that way. I do wonder who Rubio is hoping to get his approval from. Somebody is paying big money to see Marco grin like a twit.

Speaking of twits, Cruz never disappoints. He seemed content to let Rubio do the attacks while he tried to swoop in for the kill shot. It never happened. Cruz tried to compare his experience in politics to Trump’s experience on TV. I’m not sure that that helps Cruz’s cause. If the Repubs are looking for an outsider, someone outside of the loop, you don’t get any more outside than The Donald. Reinforcing his lack of political credentials helps The Donald, not hurts him.

Speaking of hurting, it hurts to watch Ben Carson. The man has clearly suffered some sort of catastrophic brain malady, which may be on going. His interview on CNN this week was painful to watch, and his line about how he would chose a member for the Supreme Court was wacky doodle. Carson would examine, “the fruit salad of their life”. After Ohio, we won’t have Ben Carson to kick around anymore. I hope he gets the help he so desperately needs.

While we’re talking about Ohio, Governor Kasich continues to try to gain traction with the sane members of the Republican party. Unfortunately, there are none left. They’ve all boarded the train for crazy town. I wish Kasich well, as well, but Ohio is the end of the line for the sane train.

After super Tuesday we’ll see if the Republican national committee will honor their commitment to The Donald and allow him to be their candidate, or if they squeeze him out in favor of Nacho Libre. I’m happy with either scenario.

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