You Can’t Have It Both Ways

I’ve been spending more time internet surfing than normal. I’m using some of my idle time to unravel when the party of compassionate conservatism became the party of rage and ruin. A couple of items seem very telling. On the surface the items appear to have little in common, but I believe there is an underlying theme.

The first item to catch my attention was the interview where the Donald revealed that he is down with torture, water boarding specifically. It is frightening to think that a President would feel compelled to broadcast their willingness to torture their fellow human beings as a qualification for the most important job in the world. I understand that the Donald’s soft upbringing makes him feel that he has a “toughness” disadvantage. I also understand that he doesn’t want his rabid voters to feel that he is too soft on crime, etc. Torture is in another category though.

If you can get past the moral implications, and I can’t, you still have to be able to justify your willingness to break International treaties and the countless studies that torture doesn’t produce the desired result. Study after study have proven that befriending the captive works better for getting the captive to give up information. Yet, there is a dark spot in some people’s soul that can only be satisfied by inflicting unneeded pain on powerless people.

Anyone that gets on board the torture wagon ignores the fact that sometimes Americans are captured, and we would be subject to our own policies. The Donald, in his role as Commander In Chief, revealed to the American forces that, drowning while being tied down is the price they should be prepared to pay for serving his presidency.

With the Donald’s statements, America lost the “moral high ground” and any international support from countries that support the Geneva Convention. Again, I get why a wimpy guy wants to appear tough. I don’t get the willingness to ignore moral values, international law and the safety of our troops to appear to be strong.

My second reveal goes to moral values as well. In fact, the moral in question was number one on God’s list, “thou shalt not kill”. In the waning days of the Trump administration the brain trust decided they had just enough time left to kill one more prisoner. Sensitive to all of the criticisms of misogyny, the Donald decided to kill the only woman he could, legally.

On January 13, 2021, Lisa Marie Montgomery was executed. She was the first woman to be executed by the Federal system in 67 years. Having failed in his coup attempt, the Donald decided he had just enough time left in his administration to slap his fat thumb down on the scale of justice somewhere else.

I know it’s a hard thing for Conservatives to get past the moral judgement, the “holier than thou” thought process that can’t advance beyond Old Testament teachings. The fact that a state sanctioned killing is still against our number one moral imperative seems to be lost on these “Christians”. 

I’d like to add a consideration for the Conservative hard liners that might supersede their need for blood, MONEY!!!!

Since 1978, California has spent over 4 BILLION dollars fighting death row appeals. One state, 4 BILLION dollars. The estimate for all states stands at 257 million dollars a year. Now, to the simple minded, like me, we should just say we’re taking the death penalty off the table. We’re going to take that money and repair roads and bridges. We’re going to build better schools and pay our teachers more. We’re going to lower taxes and provide better services. We’re going to do all of that just by following the first commandment.

Again, I am simple minded. I know the bloodlust won’t be satisfied in some of these folks by an appeal for them to follow their religious teachings, that’s why I’m making an appeal to their pocketbook. I’m even ok with them heeding the financial responsibility and calling it their moral responsibility, I am, after all, a pragmatic.

Alas Babylon, when will the Christians start demanding their politicians follow their Christian values?

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